BIOFRESH SA. is a company that is dedicated in the production of NFC and is one of the leading fruit processors and exporters in Greece. BIOFRESH is also a leading Exporter of Citrus Concentrates.

Investing in totally new production facilities, in a company owned land of 50,000 square meters, BIOFRESH SA. has built a state of the art factory. This factory, an investment of 11.5 million euro, was completed during 2008. The company’s target is to become the biggest NFC producer in Greece and South –East Europe.

The production facilities are located in SPARTA, Laconia (southern tip of Peloponnese, Greece) one of the largest production sites of Valencia orange variety.

BIOFRESH SA. and its commercial representative KSY JUICE TRADING LTD export in more than 38 countries around the world, mainly in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russian Federation, Northern Africa and Far East.

BIOFRESH SA. produces under strict quality control standards. Its production process meets completely the HACCP and ISO requirements and accreditation.